Become a Music Ed Blogger…like me

Check out Joseph Pisano’s invitation to become a Music Ed blogger:

100 Music Education Bloggers by January of 2009 and the DigitalMusicEducator have started a campaign to have 100 Music Educators blogging about music, education, and technology by January of 2009. We are inviting you to join our campaign and become an active blogger! This truly is the ground-floor of what IS the next wave of educational communication and thought/idea sharing for our fields (and every other one!). Read more here.


3 responses to “Become a Music Ed Blogger…like me

  1. Ken,

    Thanks a lot for the encouragement! If you are thinking about blogging, don’t… Just Do It! If any of your readers are interested, I’d be happy to help them get started.

    I will be continuing to post new ME Bloggers help posts in the weeks/months to come. Let’s try and reach our goal!

  2. Even though I have posted very little about music, do I count?

  3. Joel-
    Check in with Joe Pisano about your blog. He is running the campaign. You’ve got my vote!

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