Rock Band: video game music teacher?

Last night my son showed me the video review (see below) of a hot new video game called Rock Band by MTV Games. I am familiar with the video game Guitar Hero and have played it at the local electronics store (with out much success) and thought it was nothing more than a fun game and an exercise in coordination set to music.

But after watching the video of Rock Band, I was wondering if this kind of technology could really be used to teach music. There can be as many as 4 players in your band- Each player uses a controller in the shape of a guitar, microphone or drum set and has to “pluck”, “sing”, and “hit” in time with the music and lights that appear on the screen.

Check it out and tell me if you think this kind of technology could be used to teach an aspect of music…rhythmic accuracy perhaps? I do think the multi-player approach to “making music” is what sets this game apart.

Rock Band Video Game Review at GameSpot


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